Samples of Flatbed Printing

Mimaki Flatbed Printer

Unlike our roll printing presses, the Mimaki flatbed printer
employs a large "gantry" that travels back and forward along the entire length of its base. Inside the gantry is a carriage with
8 printheads that travel left and right across the width of the bed.  With this method, the substrate (what you are printing on) remains stationary and is held down by uniform vacuum

suction while the gantry travels over it delivering UV ink

with amazing precision, noticed especially in very fine detail. The beauty of this technology is that it allows us to print

on almost any flat surface with a depth of 2" or less.

This includes, for example, thick sheets of foam core and

gator board, all types of wood and plastic sheeting, metal, 

aluminum and even stone tile.  We can print on anything

from DVD's to wooden doors to electric guitar bodies. 

There are unlimited possibilities.

Another interesting feature of this machine is the ink system it
uses, which is a 4-color + white set that is UV cured. Powerful
UltraViolet lights instantly dry and cure the ink. It cannot be smeared, does not require coating, and is very durable and nearly impossible to remove from some surfaces.